Guide to Find a Reliable Magento Development & Customization Services in India

Are you scouting for a flexible and strong eCommerce solution? Do you wish your online business to achieve success with limited efforts? Do you wish to set up an eCommerce solution that is SEO-friendly and supports multiple languages? The only solution that meets all these requirements is none other than Magento. Most likely, you may have heard all the hype about Magento. It is an award-winning eCommerce platform with smart features like auto-complete search, RSS product feeds, Google sitemap integration, catalog-wide comparisons, abandoned shopping cart report, currency exchange rate, tagging & reviewing products, smart browsing, zooming the product image, poll manager, reviewing customer tags and product wish lists. Contrary to other MVC applications, Magento keeps the display logic alienated from application’s business logic. A dedicated and passionate team works on updating Magento regularly. It is an open-source platform, which allows great flexibility for customizing the look, functionality and content of your web store. Do you require custom development for your Magento eCommerce website? If yes, then perhaps you know that selecting a Magento development and customization services provider in India can be a daunting exercise. If you check out Magento Partners webpage, you will see a seemingly infinite collection of listings of developers, who endorse themselves as you ideal choice.

However, not all developers are going to provide you with the results you are yearning for. Therefore, before you settle for just any company or the first company you come across, consider some important factors. Is the Web Developer a Magento Partner? This one may seem obvious; however, it is eminent to hire a genuine Magneto partner. Do not simply hire some developer/designer, who makes big claims to have ample experience working with CMS (Content Management Systems). A Magneto partner comprehends the system inside and out; from formulating custom payment options to augmenting shopping cart preferences. Magento partners are approved and accepted by the company, and have monetarily invested in the company, so people have the confidence of hiring someone who know what they are doing. Does the Developer have Adequate PHP Programming Experience? Magento is primarily MySQL/PHP-based framework. Therefore, any programmer, who wants to make the most of Magento’s customization characteristics, will need an intermediate understanding of PHP scripting language. When you select a Magento partner, this should not be a problem at all; nonetheless, it is still necessary to inquire about your potential developer’s level of experience. Get Up Close & Personal: Before hiring a Magento development and customization services in India, get to know it.

Explain your needs in full detail, learn the developer’s plan for assisting you to realize your objectives and ask questions. This interaction will certainly help you ascertain if you have found the right and reliable services provider. In case, you have any sort of reservations, do not hesitate to ask more questions or speaking to different developers. Ask to See the Company’s Magento Portfolio: One method to correctly gauge a developer’s expertise and proficiency is to actually see his Magento portfolio. Check the types of custom developments that the programmer you are considering has already done using Magento, and decide whether you like what you see. Will you hire a painter to paint your portrait without first seeing their previous work? Consider the Complete Package: While selecting a Magento developer, do not just see the obvious needs such as PHP experience and Magento partnership. In India, there is a plethora of web developers, who can fill these requirements. In case, you wish to pick a developer, who can surpass your expectations, do pay heed to all the services they provide apart from Magento website development. For example, will your Magneto developer persist to work with you after all the required developments have been concluded? Will he make the necessary adjustments after the website goes Live? Does he offer additional services such as SEO or design? Pay heed to the assets that go above and beyond the essentials, and you will find it much easier to find the right Magento developer.